Burnett Medical Center's 诊断成像 department accepts orders from providers at our facility or outside providers and specialists. We provide fully digital, state-of-the-art imaging services for your diagnosis and treatment. Burnett Medical Center offers Computed Tomography scans, commonly referred to as CT scans at our Grantsburg, WI diagnostic medical imaging center.


The medical professionals at the Burnett diagnostic medical imaging center in Grantsburg use computed tomography, 或CT扫描, to examine structures inside your body. CT scans uses X-ray and computers to produce thin slices of your bones, 肌肉, 器官, and blood vessels that can be manipulated into a 3D image to help providers diagnose your body in great detail.

什么是CT扫描 Used for?

A CT scan may be recommended for you in order to:

  • Locate internal injuries, bleeding or lesions
  • Identify head injuries, tumors, clots, hemorrhage or other conditions
  • Diagnose muscle or bone disorders, including tumors or fractures
  • Identify the location of an infection, blood clot or tumor
  • Screen for lung cancer
  • Detect or monitor health conditions, including cancer, heart disease or lung nodules
  • Monitor the effectiveness of treatments, such as cancer treatments

How to Prepare for a CT扫描

You will be asked to provide information to the technologist prior to your exam. This information will include:

  • 目前的药物治疗
  • Possibility of pregnancy(due to use of radiation)
  • 药物过敏
  • Some exams may require a renal function test
  • You could be asked to remove metal objects such as jewelry, 腰带, metal snaps or buttons, 眼镜, or hearing aids if there’s potential for it to be in the area being imaged.

What to Expect During a CT扫描

Burnett Medical Center offers patients in the Grantsburg area CT scans in a quiet private room during a scheduled appointment. They last only a few minutes. You will lie down on a motorized table that will slide into the opening of a large “donut” that is open on both sides. A Velcro strap may be placed over you or pillows may be used to keep you comfortable and safe during your scan. When indicated, use of an IV contrast material could be necessary for your exam. Contrast helps demonstrate blood vessels and differentiate tissues and 器官 in the body.

What to Expect After a CT扫描

There will be no side effects after your CT scan. You can resume all normal activities after a CT scan. A Radiologist (A specialist that re广告 diagnostic imaging) will interpret your exam and send the results to your ordering provider.

If you need to schedule a computed tomography scan in Grantsburg, schedule an appointment with Burnett Medical Center today.